Whose fault is Autism?

Whose fault?

Autism is born, it is not made,
There isn’t anything to blame,
You said its my fault for giving the MMR,
But the Dr was jailed for those claims.

I am not the reason, it was always there,
My ‘bad’ parenting is not the cause,
You tell me to stand my ground more often,
And always pick out my childs’ flaws.

Open your eyes and look around,       
The world is not as perfect as you see it,
Autism is a hidden disability,
Not an excuse for my child to ‘throw a fit’.

It is not ‘in our heads’, a condition I made up,
It is plain for the professionals to see,
My child was born with Autism,
Why can’t you just agree?

Back in your day it may not of been around,
It may not have been a recognised condition,
The truth is, it was, there was just no awareness,
And thats why I have this mission.

To spread Autism awareness to everyone I see,
I don’t mind if you don’t want to hear,
Autism is born, it is not man made,
I just want to make that point clear.

There is no one to blame, there is no one at fault,
Autism has been there all along,
You can say what you like but I will tell you the truth,
As spreading Awareness is where I belong.


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