Why I blog.

Why do I blog?
I blog for personal therapy.
I need an outlet for my highs and lows.
When it gets too much I can get my thoughts organised by text.
When my heart is bursting with pride I can share with my readers.
I can offer an honest viewpoint into the world of Autism.
A unique window into a unique world.
No 2 children with autism are the same.
Their difficulties differ. Their strong points differ.
I blog because of my girl.
Experiences of girls on the spectrum are few and far between.
I write to share my days. To give the world some kind of insight.
To try and educate
To try and gain acceptance.
To help people feel they are not alone.
The days where things have been too hard, I bet people relate.
I need that rant. That outlet of my frustration.
It is not for pity, or sympathy,
It is to teach.
To teach people what goes on behind closed doors.
To teach people how different our children are when they don’t have to conform.
To teach people Autism is a spectrum disorder.
It is variable. It differs daily.
You cannot judge Autism by looking at 1 child with Autism.
I do it honestly.
I do it because it helps me.
I hope it helps others.



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