My girl. A hidden disability.

She has arms, she has legs,
10 fingers, 10 toes,
She can talk, she can smile,
and quite often picks her nose!

She can sing, she can run,
She can jump down from a wall,
She can play football with the boys,
She can even catch a ball.                     

She can seek, she can hide,
She can blend in with her friends,        
She can keep herself composed at school,                       
Until the bell signals it’s the end.

What she hides, you can’t see,
She keeps it close to her chest,
What she has, she doesn’t tell,
She wants to be like all the rest.

It’s not loud, it’s not proud,
It is a disability that is hidden,
She can tell you, if she wants to,
But she’d rather that she didn’t.

She’s not naughty, shes not spoilt,
She doesn’t scream because I won’t give in,
She has problems understanding,
And taking information in.

She’s not ignoring you, not listening,
She’s not being rude or defiant,
She’s not absorbing your instructions,
She’s not being non complaint.

She is bright, she is clever,
She will learn what she enjoys,
She is not interested in girly chats,
Or playing with any toys.

She has Autism, its always there,
It affects all aspects of her day,
We need to raise awareness,  
To stop the daft things people say.

Autism is good, it’s not all bad,
Some behaviours are hard to manage.
She puts the sun in the darkest days,
I see it as an advantage.       

My girl is unique and special to me,
She has opened up my eyes,
To all the hidden disabilities,
Spread awareness – please help me try.


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