Time change……panic!

What time is bed time?
How do we decide?
Time change.
Spring fall…..fall back.
The clocks go back an hour tonight.
Hooray, an extra hour in bed….
….I joke! 😉
Sleep and my girl have never really been friends.

I dread the time change. Dread it.
It throws my girl out for weeks.    
My girl deep set in routines. In time.
It changes routine.
Her sense of security is embedded in routine. 
It makes things feel different.
The clock may say one time, but my girl knows it has changed.
She’s sensed it.
Her tummy will know!
Meal times disrupted.
The biggest change is bedtime.
How can it be dark when she goes to bed tonight, but dark when it is teatime tomorrow?
How can it be dark when she wakes up today, but light tomorrow?
Very confusing for us all, but especially for people who have no sense of time.
How do we explain in.
Constant whys…….panic sets in.
Do I tell her it is changing when I know she will panic?
Do I not tell her and then she panics if she sees a clock we haven’t changed?

I did tell her.
She panicked.
She was scared to go to sleep because she was going to miss the extra hour.
“An hour is going to be added?”
“Where does it come from?”
“Will I still be 8 in the morning?”
“What time do I get up then?”

It takes days, weeks even, to adjust.

One thing I do know…..we will not be getting an extra hour in bed!

Time change.
Confusing even for me!



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