Yesterdays’ school swimming lesson!

Amazed! Proud!

Today my girl swam a 20m length!
Such an amazing acheivement for her.
Her back stroke is amazing, she did such a good job!
Very, very proud Mummy!

It is really good that she can be included in all mainstream activities.
Although she seems (to me) to look uncomfortable and anxious, she always joins in and does her best.
Despite the noisy changing rooms, lack of knowledge about the lesson, sudden changes,  lots of children in her pool group, splashing, noises, trying to listen to the instructor with 101 distractions, she does an amazing job.
It must be a sensory nightmare in there for her.
(Quite often reflected in a meltdown on Fridays after school).    
Her physical problems make it hard for her to swim.
Her loose shoulders and weak core muscle strength make front crawl very difficult for her, so she has adapted and realised her back swimming is much stronger.

Dissapointed. Angry.

Whilst being excellent at swimming there is just one thing that annoys me.
Lack of communication.
My girl really struggles to get out of the pool without steps.
She hasn’t got the strength to pull herself up onto the side so she puts all her weight on her wrists and hips to lever herself out.
This is really bad for her joints, not to mention painful.
So when I saw her pull herself out of the pool today I immediately knew she would be in pain this evening.
And she is.
Her hips and knees are sore and she has strained her wrist.
She is in alot of pain and wanted a bandage and her splint on her arm and thumb (a joint that frequently dislocates).
I am cross that this happened.
I am cross because today is the first day I have been able to watch in a while and wonder if this is what has been happening.
I am cross because this is something which staff are aware of, amd promised me would not happen.

My girl will do as she is told at school (well not all the time!).
If they tell her to get up the side she will.
Her autism doesn’t allow her to share her feelings with anyone but me so she would never say ‘I can’t’
She wants to be like everyone else.
She cannot make decisions.
She needs to be told.
They know she needs to be told to go to the steps.

So tonight she is more sore than usual.
We have kept things calm.

We will concentrate on her fantastic achievement today.
We will be shower my girl with proud smiles and high fives.

We are so proud of my girl.
20metres is amazing.


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