No concept of fullness.
A want to constantly eat.
A need.
A sensory activity.
A pleasure?
A requirement?

A battle of wills.
A want versus need.            
A timetable of meal times,
A day full of snacks.
A day of ‘I’m hungry’.

That compulsion to fill your mouth.
To fill it so full you can’t chew.
To use your hands instead of cutlery.
To see and feel every mouthful.

Sensory needs.
Physical, natural, wants.
Sensory wants.
Sensory wins.

Chewi toys not enough.
Leaves, paper, cardboard.
It needs to be eaten.
The needs must be fulfilled.

Food oh so bland.
Food oh so plain.
The repetition.
The same foods over and over again.
Never tiring of the same meal.

That dense food.
The food that fills.
That food that feels.

Sensory wants versus sensory needs.
A balance hard to meet. To get right.
A human requirement
A black and white subject.



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