Autism Awareness for children?

Imagine for a second that I had Autism.
Imagine I am 8 years old.
I am different.
I am becoming aware that my classmates are seeing I am different.
I am starting to hear things about myself that I do not like.
What do I do?

This is the predicament my girl is in.
What do we do?
I spend lots of my time promoting Autism awareness to adults…..
…..but who is explaining it to the children?
Is this where we are going wrong?
Our children are growing up without an understanding of a condition that they encounter everyday.
Wouldn’t Autism be more widely accepted if the children knew about it too?
Up until this age they have been accommodating.
They have grown up alongside my girl and her differences.
They have accepted her for who she is.
But these children are now growing up, becoming more independant and self aware.
These children are voicing their opinions,
(And rightly so)
and they are questioning why my girl still carries a soft toy, why she isn’t into pop bands, why she still likes to run around the playground.

Should we be educating the children?
Perhaps just the basics?
Not naming the children with Autism, but a story about a child with Autism. 
A story for them to make up their own minds.
To accept and recognise differences.     
My girl will tell children she has Autism but I don’t think many will know what it is.
I don’t think my girl knows what it is…understands.
It isn’t something that is talked about unless you encounter it through family or friends.
We should be explaining the basics.

The odds of a child being on the spectrum is 1 in 100 so that makes it highly likely that there is at least 1 child on the spectrum in school.
Each facing similar difficulties.
Each facing growing up knowing they are different……but not being able to explain how or why.
I have been thinking about going into my girls class for a while now to do some sort of presentation to the children.
I am sure the children would be grateful.
I am sure it would be helpful.
Autism Awareness at its’ very basic.
Just enough to help them see that children with Autism are ‘different, not less’.

Autism Acceptance in school.
Should it be done?



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