What would you do?

What would you do if….
You got into a lift at a hospital with a nurse and an elderly woman and your child said “Look at that lady, she is all mouldy”?

What would you do if….
You went out to collect lunch and your child sees a lady with unstraight teeth and says, whilst stood next to her,
“Look Mummy, it’s Nanny McPhee?”

What would you do if…
A short person walks past and your child says
“Mummy is that a dwarf?”

What would you do if…
You took your child to the doctors and she says to you,
“That lady is definately Chinese, look at her slanty eyes?”      

What would you do if…
You were out shopping and you walked past someone with strong body odour and your child shouts
“Why does that man smell so bad”?

What would you do if…
Someone came over to talk to you and your child says
“My Mummy says she doesn’t like you”?

……All very loudly?
All in definate earshot.

My girl has no tact.
My girl has no volume control.
If she has something to say, she says it.
No filter.
No thought before speaking…out it comes.

What do I do?
(Wish I could do the same sometimes, what a skill to have to be able to speak the truth without thinking of the consequences.)

What do I do?
I have to quickly divert my girls attention, whilst quietly answering her question and explain to her that it is not

appropriate to say these things out loud.

Her reply to this,
“But Mummy, it is true”.

What do you say to that?



2 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. Oh yes, have had similar here – this morning it was telling her friend who had come for a sleepover that she was snoring too loud. What I do is always try and explain afterwards why it is not ‘nice’ or socially acceptable. I think, at 8, there’s an outside chance some of the talking is sinking in and maybe she does just sometimes hold back from the full truth… What you need to do us grow a very thick second skin 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, a very thick skin!
      Yesterday our cat followed us outside and we lost sight of it, then my girl shouted “She is over there (at a bus stop) next to the fat lady!”
      I must admit, some of the things do make me laugh a little! 🙊


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