Autism Siblings-a brothers view.

Autism Siblings. A brothers point of view.

I have a sister with Autism, and I would like you to see,
just how different, and hard, life at home can be.
I am her little brother, I am 6, she is 8,
Sometimes we get on, sometimes it’s not so great.

It’s not that she is horrible, she has trouble understanding,
she can be very bossy, and very, very demanding.
Playtime is hard for us, she needs to always be the boss,
if I don’t do something she has said, she gets very, very cross.

I try to sit and talk to her, but she won’t look me in the eye,
sometimes she giggles, sometimes she answers, often I get no reply.
I like it when she is happy and chatty, she can be kind and funny,
but when she gets cross, I feel sad as she fights and bites Mummy.

Her meltdowns are loud and scary. I don’t like to hear the sound,
so I go to my room with my tablet and sit where there is no one around.
I sometimes just need peace and quiet and want to be left on my own,
the house can be crazy and noisy, when my sister is home.

Mummy and Daddy are always busy, looking after my sister,
but I am understanding and I know that they are helping her.
Sometimes that is hard and it makes me feel stressed,
but I know Mummy and Daddy love me, they are doing what is best.

Mummy tries hard to keep me safe, she has cuddles for when I need them,
I sit on her lap and hug her tight until my sister needs her again.
I watch as she tries to calm my sister down, if she’s had a bad day at school,
Mummy and Daddy have taught me patience is a very useful tool.

Some people are mean and rude, when we go out for the day,
I feel very sad and cross when I hear the things that they say.
People stop to look and stare, I don’t like it when they do,
they judge what they don’t know about, they don’t have a clue.

She is my big sister, my best friend, I am her her little brother,
I will always be there for her whenever she needs me, I care for her and I love her.
She can be mean, she’s sometimes rough, and can quite often hurt me,
but I am her brother, I will always be here, and protect her for eternity.



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