Always waiting for something.
Waiting doesn’t fit in.
Waiting has no place.
Waiting does not seem to be part of my girl.
She simply cannot wait.
The concept is alien to her.
Queues. Meal times. Days out….
…..delivery men! 
She must wait at school?
That is a big part of school life.
But that is boxed in the school area of her brain, only to be used in school.
The concept of waiting in a world following strict routine and timetables…..
The concept of waiting it a world where there is little, or no, concept of time…..
Visual timers, stop watches, sand timers….sometimes too visual.
Too much.
The want for the something to be instant.
That desire to make it happen now.
The visual aid tossed aside. It is of no interest.
The concept is alien at a time when anxiety is so high. 

A planned day out today.
A delivery due.
We paid extra for guaranteed delivery by 10.30am.
We were going out.
10.30am….11.00am….11.30am…..still no parcel.
Pressure building, anxiety sky high.
My girl not understanding why we haven’t gone out at 10.30am. We had said 10.30am….
We had said 10.30am. The timetable said 10.30am. We had planned 10.30am.
The panic, the despair, it wasn’t what we had planned. It wasn’t what we had prepared for.
The waiting.
We hadn’t planned the waiting.
(Thanks Mr Delivery man!)



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