Happy Days!

On a day when you expect things to be hard,
To see anxiety, anger and meltdowns,
Back to school day after a half term break,
I am going to see tears and frowns.

The anxiety has been brewing and brewing,
Night time waking and sleeping reduced,
The behaviours have been increasing,
Slowly, slowly, school reintroduced.

The morning of school started early,
Refusals had already set in,
To watch Minecraft in bed, her plan for the day,
I didn’t know where to begin.

My language was kept very basic,
Instructions were given politely,
Reluctance was quietly staying in bed,
I had to take time and tred lightly.

My boy went off to school with his friend,
My girl slowly made her way downstairs,
She wanted her breakfast and to get in her clothes,                         
She wanted a bobble in her hair!
The time said 9am, but my girl,
Wasn’t ready to go in right away,
Then just like a switch had turned on in her head,
At 9.10 we were ready to start the school day.

At 3pm the bell rang,
My tummy sank when I saw her sad eyes,
But my girl was playing a trick on her mum,
And was giggling much to my suprise!

She’d had a fab day, her TA was pleased,
And said she was full of energy all day,
The smiles and laughs continued,
And Minecraft was drawn, and not played!

So my message is this, bad days can be good,
Don’t fall into my trap and be gloomy,
Sometimes even a day at school,
Can bring home a suprise for me!     

To see a big smile afterschool,
Is as rare as a fish that can walk,
I am so grateful today was that day,
Tomorrow I am not watching the clock.



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