Autism, Understand for Awareness.

Autism Acceptance.
What I strive for.
Autism Understanding.
What we need to gain acceptance.

In order for Autism to be accepted, people need to be aware of what it is and how it affects people in their everyday lives.
They need to know it is a medically diagnosed Disorder, not an excuse for bad behaviour.   
It is not a diagnosis that Doctors give out to children who are out of control.
It is a diagnosis that takes a long time, and alot of assessments with alot of different professionals.

Autism is something that needs to be understood, but Autism is a disorder that people misunderstand due to myths surrounding it.
People don’t have time in their busy lifes to research a condition that doesn’t affect them, but the realisation is that we all probably know someone on the spectrum without us realising.
It is not a common disorder, but prevalence rates are increasing as we find more and more out about the disorder.
It is not a new condition, it just seems that way as it does not have such a negative stigma attached to it anymore and so diagnosis is talked about.

There is a major, major need for acceptance, but first there needs to be understanding.
To gain that understanding, reading real life blogs and speaking to parents, is just as beneficial as googling the symptoms on the internet.

Autism is a spectrum condition.
Not every child has the same symptoms, the child is unique.
There will be simailarities in that they all face difficulties in the same areas, but no 2 children will be the same.

The books tend to sugarcoat Autism.
The books tend to give you false hope in telling you to cope with this and that and deal with the other.
But the truth is, the harsh truth, there are really bad stories.
There are the behaviours that no one talks about.
There are the violent and aggressive outbursts against your family that no one likes to warn you.
There are the moments when you feel you just can’t cope anymore, and you are following the ‘Autism rules’ to deal with it but it isn’t working…..
    …..because each child is unique.

I am not going to blog about Autism and paint it all in a positive light everyday, as sometimes it isn’t a diagnosis that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.
It isn’t that excuse for the behaviour that you have always wanted.
It is hard work.
Really hard work.

I will never see Autism as anything less than a diagnosis because that is the way forward in accessing the help that we need.
The help that we are entitled to.  

When all is calm and my girls big blue eyes are looking up at me, I will take a step back and remember that she is not Autism.
She has Autism.
She is my girl.

Autism needs Acceptance.
But first Autism needs to be understood.



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