I never thought I’d say…..

On a day that has been as near ‘normal’ as I can remember for a very long time, I find myself thinking of the things I never thought I would have to say to my children!

• Don’t lick/bite the cat.

• Don’t lick the cooker, it’s hot!

• Put down that poo!

• Stop eating my receipts!

• I could have been a millionaire, but now I will never know as you just ate my lottery ticket!

• Stop tying knots in absolutely everything.

• Pants aren’t for your head.

• Take the cat out of the drier!

• Stop eating buttercups!

• No, you don’t need to lick that to see what it is!

• Why have you sellotaped all around tour brothers head?

• Why have you put your brother in that box with a lid on?

• Why have you tied the cat to the bed?

• Take that slug out of your mouth.

Oh this list could be so long……!!

I would love to hear some of yours!


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