‘When the moment has passed.’ (The meltdown)

As the waves come in and kiss the sand,
As the long lost relative reaches land,
As the remnants of the sea bed rest,
From the rough seas churning, they gave up the test,
When the winds grew strong, the waves grew higher
When the swell was violent, not looking to tire,
When the boats were tossed and thrown around,
The rain and the splashing the only sounds,
The minutes turn in to terrifying hours,
Then the wind and waves start losing power,
That welcoming sight, a glimpse of blue sky,
The sea starts to settle, the rain starts to dry,
The storm is over, the sea is still,
The drifting debris floating down the waves’ hills,
Waiting to be washed up onto the land,
Waiting to rest on the safe, warm sand,
When the moment has passed, the sea is resting,
The meltdown is over, the times were testing,
Washed up and safe in the arms of each other,
Gaining back strength from the love of another.


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