The world.

The horror of the goings on in Paris this weekend.
The horror of what else is happening around the world.
It is everywhere; on the tv, newspapers, on the radio… the word on everyones lips.
It is heartbreaking.
Utterly dreadful.
I want to keep my children hidden from the headlines.
Hidden from the actions of bad people.
Hidden from the real world.
Inside my childrens minds they are wishing to be adults.
They are wishing to be grown up, to do what they want.                           
They aren’t wishing to to be in a world full of hate.
A world of cold hearted murder and unexplainable killings.
They are wishing to be in the perfect world that only a child sees.
A world of love, of peace, of everyone being friends.
This weekend they became aware that this isn’t the way the world is.
That their reality isn’t our own.
They wanted, needed, explanations of why it had happened.
How can I provide that? I have no idea myself.
Those people who lost their lives were just out and about on a normal Friday night.
They weren’t involved. They weren’t doing anything wrong.
There is no justification.
There is no explanation I can give my children.
“They were bad people, bad people that did very bad things.”
That was the only explanation I can give.
It breaks my heart.
It breaks my heart to tell my children that there are such bad people in the world.
All I want is to keep my children safe.
To keep them close to me.
To keep them away from the ‘bad people’.

“Will the bad people ever come here?” The last thing My Girl asked as she drifted off to sleep.
Tears rolled down my cheeks.
“No” I said.
The first lie I have told her. 
No one knows.
“We will keep you safe, night night”.

The fairy tale world children believe is out there, is crumbling around our feet……
……and there is nothing we can do about it.
I do not want to lie to my children, but I would rather they didn’t know what is going on out there.
I want them to be children.
To enjoy life.
My girl suffers enough without knowing the cruel goings on.
My boy is just too young.

So hide it away. Hug your children, give them kisses, tell them you love them.
Tell them stories of a beautiful, kind and friendly world.
Give them that vision whilst they still believe it.

RIP and love to all involved in all the horrid goings on this weekend.
Especially to those in Paris.


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