This new world…

The world of special needs and disabilities,
Has its very own language, have a look and you’ll see,
You’ll find ASD and IEPs
EHCP,  SaLT and SEN,
ADD, SenCO and SEND.

It doesn’t stop there, the list is so long,
In talks with professionals, you’re bound to hear one.                        
You’ll hear CAF, TAC and ARB,
P scales, SW and SenTA,   
EP, LSA and ODD.

It is all so confusing, so much to remember,
On top of that diagnosis you are still trying to decipher.
The jargon they use soon becomes second nature,
But right at the beginning you need a translator!

It does become easier, just you wait and see,
You’ll start using abbreviations when talking to me,
It will be our own special language for our own secret group,
Then someone will use its real name and we will fall out the loop!

Real names are forgotten, our new language is real,
My girl has ASD, PD, EDS and SPD to save the long speil,
Those in the know will understand what I mean,
For those that don’t know I will set the scene.

You will walk into this world without knowing a thing,
The diagnosis, abbreviations, confusion it will bring,
But the special needs ‘family’, the friends you will gain,
Will be happy to sit, have a cuppa, and explain.

But just because you know, it doesn’t make it easy,
Wait until you start EHCPs, it is still all new to me!
The GPs aren’t always helpful, the OTs are full to the seams,
And getting an appointment with CAMHS only happens in your dreams!

So go to the TAC meetings, and set out your plans,
Request your professionals attend, you know that you can,
Ask with their language, use their abbreviated terms,
Because when using their language, you are more likely to be heard!



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