Autism is a spectrum.

No two people with Autism are the same,
It is a spectrum of symptoms all under one name.
Whilst all people share the same difficulties they face,
The way it affects them is different in each case.

Some people can talk, whilst some make no sounds,
Whilst in a few people a healthy vocabulary can be found.
Some may not understand the words that they use,
Some may use echolalia in the conversations they choose.

It is all so varied, getting a diagnosis takes time,
With professionals assessing all symptoms and signs.     
From when they were born, to the milestones they met,
To if they can point, are they babbling yet,

If the process starts later, the questions they ask,
Revert back to childhood, dig up the past.
The things Autism affects are called the triad of impairments,
The questions all relating to what we can remember as parents.

Social communication, social interaction and social imagination,
The scale it affects them can give some indication,
Of where on the spectrum your child might be,
Severely, moderately or mild, there often are three.

The place where they land does not form the diagnosis,
The symptoms change daily, Autism is only this;
It is a name for the umbrella of problems they face,
The diagnosis is just there to help put support in place.

Can they make friends, can they look you in the eye,
None of this matters, if they have Autism just try,
To accept they have problems on the triad of impairments,
To accept the difficulties we face as their parents.

Just let them join in, let them stim, scream and shout,
They aren’t being difficult, they are trying to tell you what Autism is about.
If you have met 1 person with Autism, thats it, you’ve met one,
Autism is complex, there’s so much going on.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover they say,
Take Autism as you see it, accept it and say
They have Autism, they are unique, they are teaching us a lesson,
To embrace difference, accept difference, we all need to listen.



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