When love takes over.

When your day begins at 2.30am.
When your child is wide awake.
When you know that going back to sleep isn’t going to happen.

When you decide to get up as you know the day has started.
When you are up and down the stairs meeting demands, needs, requirements.
When all you want to do is sleep.      
When you are physically and mentally exhausted.

When it is time to get everyone else up and get ready for school.
When you feel like you have done your day already.
When you have to put a smile on your face and show the world that all is well.

When you take your child to school knowing that they will be exhausted by lunch time.
When you feel guilty for taking them in.

When the day is so busy you don’t get time for naps.
When you are phoning professionals, writing letters, chasing appointments.
When you just want to sleep.

When you look forward to bedtime.
When you just nod off…..
….it all starts again.
You don’t complain.
You just get on with it.     
My child and the Autism not allowing sleep to join their gang.
Sleep staying on the sidelines not able to play along.

When all you want to do is sleep.
When you feel like you just can’t go on…..
…..When those beautiful, big eyes look up at you.
When you realise you would do anything for your child.
When you realise they are more important than sleep.
When love takes over.



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