Christmas tree!

There are 16 sleeps ’til Christmas,
Our decorations aren’t even up,
There are gel stickers on our window,
But the tree is still up in the loft.

The thought of getting it frightens me,
The changes and stress it will bring.
The lights that twinkle on the tree,
The big cuddly Reindeer that sings.

The big space it will take up in the room,
The smell of the tree and attic lingering,
The baubles dancing in the breeze,
The bells on Santas hat jingling.     

Our room, it needs to stay the same,
For my girl to feel safe at home,
But everyday she is asking for the tree,
The requests are turning to moans.

I know the sensory problems it will bring,
It will send her into overload,
We keep things as minimal as we can,
But its all too much, she explodes.

The lights don’t flicker or flash anymore,
They don’t go on until the end of the day,
The tree is placed out of her eyeline,  
They are too much for her eyes to take.

Christmas is a feast for the senses,
It is excellent for you and me,
But for people with Sensory Processing problems,
Their problems begin with the tree.

The lights that sparkle, flash on and off,
The tinsel that reflects all that glows,
The constant movement of the decorations,
The smell of pine, or plastic, under your nose.

The sounds of the carols, the musical toys,
The smells of the Christmas cooking,
The tastes of all the different foods,
The strong smelling Christmas puddings.

Christmas is exciting, but a hard time for all,
Who sit on the Autistic Spectrum,
Routine gets lost, change is rife,
It is no wonder we get meltdowns and tantrums.

Our Christmas tree will come down soon,
I am not sure when it will be,
I will have to put it up for My Girl…
…and then know the behaviours are caused by me!



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