Walk on…

Mummy thought to herself “Oh no, not again”
When getting funny looks from ladies and men,
She just stood and stared back, armed with a smile,
Its interesting to stop and look back for a while.

To look at their faces, see them struggling to see,
How hard this is for my girl and for me,
To lose control in public, inhibitions all gone,
For people to stare, and not just walk on.

If Mummy had a pound for everyone that she sees,
Looking down on you, looking down on me,
Judging our behaviours, making us feel small,
Then she’d be rich beyond relief and buy awareness for all.

Not something big, no halls with exams,
Just a day in our shoes, to see how we stand,
Not money to use on a paper led education,
But for real life experience; could you last the duration?

Help this Mummy educate all, or maybe some,
Of the strangers stood watching when there’s work to be done.
Work to help teach them Autism is there,
Work to teach them to walk on and not stare.



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