It must be Autism.

​It must be Autism;

When they are running around flapping,

And you hear incessant foot tapping,

When the behaviour looks out of place,

And the look of disgust on everyones face.
It must be Autism;

When people never listen,

When your head hurts because you’re so tired,

And at 2am your child is still wired,

When the screaming pierces your ears,

When you sit watching through your tears.
It must be Autism;

When it feels like you live in prison,

When you lock every window and door,

When getting out becomes a chore,

When you have plans stuck on your walls,

Everything written no matter how small,

When you don’t want to get out of bed,

Open your eyes or lift your head.
It must be Autism;

When you question every decision,

When you can’t predict a meltdown,

When swimming won’t stop you drown,

When your patience is wearing thin,

And every day your struggling,

But you smile and say ‘I’m fine’,

Pretending all the time.
It must be Autism;

When all you hear is criticism,

When you get the same comments everyday,

And you want the people to go away,

When you just want to enjoy your child,

The vision of their beautiful smile.
It must be Autism;

When you’re dancing your childs rhythm,

When you do everything to make them happy,

Get excited when they are flappy,

When you spend your days and nights,

Panicking you’re not doing it right,

When you realise that all that matters,

Is that you can live happily ever after.
It must be Autism

When the world stops clouding your vision,

When you walk up the lonely path,

And you realise there is a way back.


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