​Sometimes my girl will disappear off into the playroom.

She will be in there for ages.

Self calming with her arts and crafts.
It never fails to amaze me the wonderful things that she creates.

She time and effort she puts into each piece. The amount of screwed up balls of paper where she hadn’t got it quite right.

The times where the picture isn’t the same as what she is imagining.

It is a myth that children with Autism don’t have an imagination.

Just because they don’t play with toys in a neurotypical way, doesn’t mean they lack imagination.
My girl has been in the playroom with her thoughts and materials.

She has torn and cut, glued and drawn.

She has involved her long standing obsession of Minecraft and her 1 friend at school.
I love it.

I love the imagination.

I love the colours.

I love the happiness.
(I wonder if my girl being so big compared to her friend shows that she is in control?

Her friend is not ‘allowed’ to have other friends, my girl is not willing to share!)


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