A hard day.

​A hard day.

A day of anger, of frustration, of pain..
…of meltdowns.

My girl is not her usual self today.
She was ill yesterday and has Mesenteric Adenitis which has flared up her stomach and bowel problems.

She is in pain and exhausted, but unable to communicate either.
She needs to rest, but she wants to be up on her feet.

She doesn’t understand the consequences of her actions, that healing will take longer.
The morning began with shouting and screaming.


It stayed like this until she began to calm and we negotiated a distraction tool.
A guitar.
Last night at her classmates house, my girl found a guitar and sat contently plucking at the strings.

We talked about how we could arrange some lessons for her at school if she would like.
She appeared to be excited and wanted us to buy her a guitar.

Lightbulb moment this morning, in the midst of a meltdown, when we remembered we have a guitar in the loft!
My girl loves it.

Loves the sound it produces, the feel of the strings, the vibrations when the strings were plucked.

She loved to make gentle sounds, she loved making louder ones more!
She seems to have a natural talent for it.

Perhaps her extremely bendy fingers make it easy for her.
It was a very welcome distraction.
It has been a hard day.

Autism and illness makes for a rocky ride.


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