The weekend.

​This is our weekend….

….every weekend.
We decide to go out for the day.

We discuss with my girl where we can go.

My girl decides on a place she’d like to go.

My husband and I decide that if we go early my girl will cope.

We decide to go.
We go early.
My girl does not cope.
The day out is a nightmare.

The planned day turns into a few hours out.

An hour of that coping with an angry, screaming, bolting child.
It feels like whatever we do we have no control.

Of my girl.

Of the Autism.

It feels like we just aren’t good enough.
We decide maybe we should stay in next weekend.
Next weekend;

We decide to go out for the day…..

…..and repeat.
Please tell me we are not the only ones?!
I know we all have bad days.

I know we all have hard days.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to be like an everyday family, have a day out and leave Autism at home.


One thought on “The weekend.

  1. You’re not the only ones. If anything, take consolation in knowing that. We now get a sitter once a month so we can enjoy a peaceful dinner, just the two of us. Gone are the days of trying to take our girl on outings with us.


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