​Many children with Autism have sensory issues.

For my girl, one way this manifests is that she is extra sensitive to the texture and the feel of clothes on her skin.

Tags, labels and seams need to be removed as they irritate and become a distraction, causing her distress.
School uniform is a daily challenge with its’ stiff and itchy fabrics.
My girl cannot tolerate anything that is tight.
She needs bigger sizes in clothing so it is loose and comfortable.


Imagine my horror when the Occupational Therapist told me that my girl needed to wear splints on her wrists, thumbs, knees and ankles!

Neoprene splints.
Tight, close to the skin, neoprene splints!

I panicked! She panicked!
We decided to begin with the wrist and thumb splints as that is what our major issue is right now.

My girl has problems with constant thumb and finger dislocations, lack of strength in her wrist and inability and weakness in using her thumb. She isn’t able to use her pincer grip without dislocating her thumb.
The OT saw that we were worried and gave us a generic splint on her wrist for my girl to wear whilst her custom ones were being made.
To desensitise her, to get her used to wearing it.

My girl has worked through the sensory issues.
Slowly, but definate improvement.
We have worked through the days she has ripped it off and thrown it across the room.
We have worked through the days when she has said the smell is too bad.
We have worked through the days where she felt like it was cutting off her hand.
We have worked through the days where the feeling of it made her angry and lash out.

My girl has been wearing the splint daily.

It feels comfortable now and dislocations have reduced slightly.
The new splints arrived today and we went to get them fitted.

They are amazing! They are beautiful.

My girl loves them!

My girl is wearing them!
So proud of her today.
The appointment was long. 

The paperwork (for EHCP) was long and tedious.
It focused on all my girl couldn’t do.
It was hard going.
But we did it.

SHE did it.

She is fab!

Autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3 are 2 seperate disorders but they sometimes need to work together.

Sometimes easier said than done.
Today; easier than I expected.


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