A poem about the little things.

Take time to appreciate the simple things, the things you never ‘see’,
Like velcro on childrens shoes, the electronic button on car keys.
Without these things life would be hard, how did we manage without?
Daily tasks with special needs would be difficult without a doubt.

Imagine in the mornings when your child doesn’t want to go to school,
(You couldn’t pick up your phone and tell Facebook that your girl is as stubborn as a mule!)
It’s like a given right, all the things, we take for granted everyday,
But how life would be hard for everyone if these things got taken away.

A child in the middle of a meltdown in a car park full of danger,
You want to get your child inside and away from staring strangers,
Your magic key, it opens the door, just 1 button to press and click,
The door is open and with one hand you get your child in mighty quick!

The little things like pens and paper readily avaliable everywhere,
A place where I can quickly write down a change to make my girl aware,
A watch, a phone, a clock – time can be displayed where ever you go,
A tool for my girls rigidity, to ensure she feels safe wherever shes goes.

Wet wipes, now here is a thing that I cannot be without,
My girl eats with her hands, I am armed and can always whip one out,
Knifes and forks? Well theres an invention, but for my girl they are just not to be,
She’d rather use her fingers and then just wipe her hands on me!

Then theres fastenings like velcro and elastic on childrens clothes and shoes,
My girl struggles with laces, buttons and zips but here are things that we can use,
Small things that can help my child feel independant and included,
Small things we take for granted, and use everyday as intended.

Take a step back and look at the things that make things easier day by day,
That superglue, that plastic plate and cup, the ideas we have thrown away.
Its these little tools that help us cope and get through daily muddles,
The things that we use without thinking, are the things that get us out of trouble.


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