​Somedays it all gets too much.

The same thing every day.
The same stresses.

You know it is coming.
You know it will happen.

It just takes 1 thing to change a whole morning.
To make it all go wrong.
To make you feel like you have failed. Again.

Undoubtly the hardest thing to deal with for me and my girl.
Give me sleep deprivation over the morning school run anyday.

Especially this week.

This week my girl is trying out her new class in year 5.
The whole school have moved into their new class for 3 days, before returning to their old class next week.
There lies problem 1.

This is the aim of the week.
The process of changing from one class to another…..
…..and then back again.

It is too much for my girl to take in.
It is too much for my girl to understand.
The concept is too difficult for her to unravel.
Any progress we make this week will be undone next week when she returns back to year 4.
Complicated for any child to comprehend.

The reasons it has happened like this are beyond schools control.
This I understand and empathise with, but part of me thinks it may have been better not to do it at all.
Part of me sees the benefits of it being done.

The selfish part of me just wants it to be the summer holidays now so we can all have a break.

Despite the meltdowns, and being even later for school than usual, my girl is enjoying her new class.
She likes her new teachers, she has the same people in her class.

It is just different.
Too different.
Too much change.
Too much to take in.


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