Heavy heart.

​Whatever has happened today seems insignificant in comparison to what has gone on in Nice.

It breaks my heart to think of the pain those people are feeling.
I can empathise.
I feel their heartache.
Something my girl can’t do.

The planet we live on is not a kind place to be.
I am trying to help my girl understand the world, but I don’t understand it myself.
I am trying to teach her to live in peace and be kind to others, when this is not the image we are portraying.

I want to hide my children away.
Hide them from the horror that surrounds them.
Shelter them from the dangers.

I have a heavy heart.
Heavy with sadness for the people of Nice.
Heavy with sadness that my children will grow up in a world of so much heartache.

In a world that no one understands.
In a world that I can never explain to my girl.
…..In a world that I dont want to explain.


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