Summer Holidays.

​Summer is here, the school holidays have arrived,

47 days off, lots of time to unwind,
Relief from the stress of the morning school run,
Dealing with anxiety everyday is not fun.

47 days of my children at home with each other,
I am hoping and praying my girls nice to her brother,
Plenty of chocolate, for me when I am stressed,
When my children won’t wash or even get dressed!

When I feel brave we’ll go out, spend time with our friends,
What Autism allows us to do just depends,
What kind of night it has been, if there has been any sleep,
If mum is feeling patient (and entry is cheap)
Because we won’t stay long, everywhere is too busy,
Autism won’t cope, it will start to feel dizzy,
We will come back to her safeplace, the comfort of home,
My girl, and her teddies, together, but alone.

I will try hard to make the summer holidays fun,
And try to get the children up off of their bums,
Routine and structure will be placed all around,
With visual timetables and lists to be found.

The summer will be great, I love having them here,
But 47 days is too long I fear,
You may find me in a corner slumped in a heap,
After 6 weeks of meltdowns and very little sleep!


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