This week…

​This week of the holidays so far.

I could pretend that it has been great.
I could post endless statuses of we did this and we went there.
I could…..but they would be hiding the truth.
This week has been rubbish.

I sprained my right ankle and bruised my left foot after a fight with my treadmill. 
My girl has had 3 hospital appointments on 3 different days.
Monday we spent all morning getting me checked over, leaving only to drive to another hospital for my girls appointment.

3 different days sat in the holiday traffic, trying to keep my girl calm.
3 different days sat in hot, stuffy waiting rooms, trying to stop her bolting.
3 days of me hobbling around trying to get to them on time.

1 day of my girl at respite.
(I spent the first hour feeling guilty that she had gone, then when she returned, the first hour remembering why we need it).

4 days of tooth obsessions, anxiety overload….
…..1 baby tooth fell out, (my girl is convinced she has an abcess, she didn’t)
The gap it left (is fine!) but my girl has convinced herself it is infected…..more anxiety 
She wants me to take her to the dentist but she won’t let them look due to her phobia.
She cannot understand why we just can’t drive there but has a panic attack if I say I will ring them.

Meltdowns. Panic attacks. Hyperventilating…..

No sleep last night.
My girl woke up at 12.30am and didn’t go back to sleep.
I sat up with her from 12.45 and I am exhausted. 
(Ssshhh she has just gone to sleep, thank goodness for Melatonin!*)
(*not the words I was saying to Melatonin last night!)

Here lies a grumpy, but very real, tale of my week so far.

Tomorrow I have booked to go to the Eden Project to see the dinosaurs.
We have places in a quiet session for individuals on the Spectrum.
I can’t decide if I have made the week harder for myself!

I will report back tomorrow!!


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