My hero.

​I wouldn’t have got through today without him.

I couldn’t get through most days without his help.
He is the first to notice when things are getting too much.
He is the first to notice what my girl needs.
He is he first to explain Autism to anyone with a tut or comment.

He has more patience than anybody else I know.
When times get hard he is there to talk my girl through the tough times.

No matter how tough my girl makes his days,
how hard her words hurt him,
how little sleep he gets when my girl keeps us all awake,
how many days our plans have to change suddenly due to a meltdown,
how many days we are housebound,
how he is unable to have his friends to play due to my girls unpredictable behaviour,
how his life is governed by his big sister…..
… matter what…..
…he ALWAYS has a pat on the back, some soothing words, a simple explanation.
Unconditional love.

My son.
My hero.


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