Baking fun!

​Somewhere in the chaos today,

I decided we’d do some sensory play,
Baking is something that I dread,
But suddenly I heard myself say “lets make some bread”.

Now this wasn’t the sensible part of me,
I can only just manage to make a cup of tea,
And making bread means a lot of waiting,
…..and did I mention I’m rubbish at baking?

Now if there is something I know that my girl hates,
It is anything that involves needing to wait,
Waiting is difficult for people with Autism,
Who have no concept of the time they are given.

We got out the ingredients, the bowl and the trays,
I explained it wouldn’t be ready ’til later today,
We mixed and mixed until it was dough,
Left it in the warm for it to grow.


My girl was already getting quite cross,
“We don’t need to wait” and “I’m the boss”
I gave the recipe to her to read,
After five minutes she was ready to knead.

She pulled, she pushed, she hit, she threw,
She ate some, (I was sure she was going to spew)
She hit it, she thumped it, she hit it again,
It was time to prove the bits that remained.


Wait again? My girl was not impressed,
I could see this process was making her stressed,
Next time I think about making bread,
I will run to the shops and buy some instead.

Time to shape her bread into rolls,
She was just happy poking in lots of holes,
Then she decided to make a roll for our neighbour,
5 minutes of silence whilst she crafted her flower.


30 minutes to prove, I am losing my mind,
My girls telling me I am mean and unkind,
She just wants it cooked so she can eat it,
My patience was fading I must admit!


30 minutes has gone, time to be baked,
We look at the rolls, how they have changed shape,
Just 15 more minutes until they are done,
Then when they are cool, you can eat one.


Has it been 15 minutes yet? Asked after one,
I knew this baking time would be fun,
Has it been 15 minutes yet? Asked after four,
“If you don’t get them out NOW, I will open the door”.

And so it went on til they where finally cooked,
My girl was not happy with how they looked,
They had grown a lot bigger and stuck together,
Making this bread had been such a pleasure!!

Her flower looked great, she loved doing the kneading,
There is flour on the floor and the ceiling,
There is a smile on her face now after the wait,
And her warm roll with butter sitting on her plate.


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