​My girl collects everything.
We aren’t allowed to throw anything away.
She is a hoarder.

Not because she is keeping things for ‘a rainy day’.
But because she has an attachment to anything and everything she touches.

It is not uncommon for children with Autism to have a collection, especially if it is around their special interest….but my girl keeps EVERYTHING!

Everything is precious.
From the wrapper from a snack, to clothes that are 3 years too small, to screwed up bits of paper from a drawing that went wrong.
We have bags and bags of things ready for the bin but have ended up in the attic to keep the peace.
(Admittedly some have made their way outside on bin day.)

It is though my girl has feelings for these inanimate objects.
Feelings that she doesn’t use in everyday life.
Feelings she finds difficult to portray to us.
She has ‘decided’ to invest her feelings to inanimate objects instead.

No facial expressions, no body language, no words, no language to decipher and understand.
They have no emotions.
She is the boss of them. In charge of all they do.

I am not sure of the reason.
Just one of the many challenges of Autism.

I did throw away a bag of old underwear….
…..and I was caught!
Cue massive meltdown. MASSIVE.

She grabbed a pair of pants, a pen, and drew a face on them.
She looked up and said:
 “Look, now they have a face on you can’t throw them away.”

Oh to be in her head just for one day.

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