​A commonly believed myth is that children with Autism lack imagination.

That they lack the ability to think outside the box.
A common fact is that actually children with Autism often have vivid and unique imaginations, 

They are often more creative in their way of displaying it.
Did you know the creator of the latest craze, Pokemon Go is Autistic?

Or Mozart, the famous composer?
Or Lewis Carrol, the writer of Alice in Wonderland?
Or Hans Christian Anderson the writer of many fairytales?
Or Michelangelo, the famous painter and sculpter?
….all these people have in common one major factor that led to their production – imagination.

My girl drew a picture today which is proof that Autism and imagination go hand in hand.

She struggles to write a story, or play with toys, but through drawing she can achieve so much.

I just love her creativity….and imagination.


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