​We all experience tiredness.
Sometimes to the extreme.

Especially if you have a child who doesn’t sleep well.
My girl has never been a good sleeper.
She very rarely sleeps through the night.
Today she has been awake since 2am.

It was her respite day today.
My girl going to respite fills me with guilt, especially sending her when she has had very little sleep.

The break isn’t just for us though, it gives her a chance to mix with other people, enjoy new experiences, and go to new places.
It gives her brother some time to be in charge!

I was exhausted (and grumpy!).

After dropping her off we took my boy for a bike ride.

This afternoon I took my guilt hat off and I slept….
….for 2 whole hours!!
Something I wouldn’t usually do.

I normally feel I should use the time wisely and do things that are difficult with my girl around – exciting things like shopping and hoovering!
But I didn’t.
I slept.

I needed it, and I don’t feel lazy, or guilty, I feel refreshed and ready for the night ahead!

I must do it more often!


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