My girl had a bottle of water today.
She ripped off the label and laughed saying “Now you don’t know what is in there anymore”.
…..but I did, I bought it.
I don’t need the label.

My girl has a label. Autism.
She doesn’t wear that label for all to see.
No one knows she has Autism unless we tell them (or they guess!.)

Do we need labels?

If there wasn’t a label on the bottle of water, I wouldn’t have bought it.
I couldn’t be sure of what was in it.

If my girl didn’t have her label of Autism we wouldn’t be able to help her cope.
We wouldn’t understand that she is different…..
…because she looks the same as everyone else.
Like all water looks like water.

Some parents choose not to share their childs diagnosis of Autism.
They are scared of the stigma attached to the label.
They don’t want their child to have a label.
This is understandable and the parents are just doing what they think is best for their child.

I needed that label however.
It was my ticket to access to services, help in school and support.

What does concern me is the assumptions that go with the label.
If I see a bottle labeled water, I assume it is water.
If a child has a diagnosis of Autism, people assume they are ‘classic’ Autism, on the low functioning end of the spectrum.
Autism is the label, it is not a description of the child.

Awareness still needs to be increased across the public.
The labels need to be shared to acheive this.
If we know someone we know has Autism we are more likely to learn about it.
We want to be able to understand.


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