Back to school.

​Back to school.

Morning school runs,
Stressed out mum,
Running late,
My girl in a state,
Phone call to the school,
Breaking the rules,
Kicking and biting,
Hates handwriting,
Fighting anxiety,
Its crept in silently,
In school at 10,
Mums failed again.



Endless eating,
Refusing reading,
Clothes on the floor,
Chaos by 4,
Meltdown underway,
Stress held in all day 
Kicking and biting, 
Screaming and crying,
Pent up frustration,
Seeking sensation,
Sibling fights,
Sleepless nights.

Night time waking,
Legs are aching,
No need for sleep,
Mum in a heap, 
Watching the clock,
Taking stock,
Waiting for morning,
School run calling,
Fear of the stress,
Of getting her dressed,
Then when its done,
The routine re runs.

I hate school.


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