Day one….

​First day back at school today.

Anxiety has been sky high for days.
Very little sleep.

I was dreading this morning.
The first school run.

I was dreading the anxiety, the refusal to go.
I was dreading being late.
I was dreading my boy having to walk in to his new school late.

We made plans.
Everything was ready the night before.
My girl on countdown….1 more sleep.
My husband was going to work late so he could get my boy in on time.
School knew my girl may be late.
What could go wrong…?

Exactly that!

My girl was AMAZING.
We were not on time for school though…..
….we were EARLY!!

Probably the best school day ever.

I actually have to thank Pokémon Go for its help this morning.
It is my girls new obsession.
It is all she talks about, plays, and draws.
All she talks about…..all the time!
(when we got home this evening, after about 20 mins, my boy said, “my girl, can you just stop talking about Pokemon now please!)

After school she wanted to go do a Pokémon gym so we made this her reward.
If she is in school on time, or early, afterschool I will drive around our local Pokéstops and gym.
….this could be the first reward system that works for more than a week or two!
Fingers crossed!!

She made this picture yesterday.
Says it all…..❤


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