A note to Daddy.

​A note to ‘Our Autism’ Dad.

Thank you for always being there for us.
Thank you for going to work on very little sleep to support your family.
Thank you for answering your phone every 5 minutes when things get too much at home.
Thank you for coming home!

Thank you for the hug you give me before you even take off your shoes.
Thank you for never complaining that the house is a mess when I have had no energy to clean.
Thank you for eating cereal for tea when it has been too hectic to cook.

Thank you for taking so much time off to come to appointments.
Thank you for holding my hand and wiping my tears 
Thank you for understanding that I don’t mean to forget you.
Thank you for seeing how consuming Autism can be.

I know you cry those silent tears,
..when you see a dad teach a child to ride a bike without stabilisers, when you see a dad play football with their children down at the park.
I know your heart breaks when a meltdown erupts into violence directed at me.
I know sometimes your patience wears so thin you just want to run away.

But I want to thank you.
For being a fantastic Autism Daddy….
…the best Daddy.

For everything.

I thank you.

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