Pokémon Go…..away!!

Do come and see my girl,
She has a massive appetite,
For anything that is Pokémon,
She knows her stuff alright!

She loves to play Pokémon Go,
Always wanting to catch more,
And as for combat power,
She wants to increase their score.

At breakfast every morning,
She wants to check the app,
Then puts Pokémon on the TV,
With Pokémon soft toys on her lap.

Schooltime, when it’s time to go,
She plays Pokémon on the way,
She says goodbye and gives to me,
Orders on how to play.

By lunchtime I have closed the app,
I’ve had enough of it,
I listen and watch 24 hours a day,
I hate this Pokéshit!

It is her special interest,
It is all she talks about,
I try and pretend to be listening,
But she knows and starts to shout.

At hometime I know what is coming,
Pokémon stops and gyms galore,
I see her eyes light up,
When she sees me at the door.

Her eyes light up for Pokémon,
And the pleasure that she gets,
As much as I dislike the game,
It is her most conversation yet!

For Pikachu, Meowth and Staryu,
All provide her with a smile,
As much as I am fed up with it,
Her face makes it all worthwhile.

At bedtime when she’s drifting off,
Pokémon dancing in her head,
I close the app and be grateful,
That the Pokémons have gone to bed.


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