I wonder….

​If I asked my girl to tell me one thing about Autism, I wonder what she would say.
I wonder if she realises that there is something different about her.

I wonder if, when she does realise, it is because we emphasise the differences.

I wonder if she thinks that it is us that are different!

How would she know she had Autism if we didn’t tell her?

She wouldn’t know how to read emotions because we wouldn’t make an issue of it.

If she hasn’t recognized or felt emotions since birth, she wouldn’t feel different because it has always been the same.

I wonder when she bites me if she realises the pain it causes if she doesn’t feel pain herself.

How do I punish her if the consequences of her action are not understood?

I wonder, if I stopped comparing her to ‘neurotypical’ children, whether I would have noticed a difference.

I wonder if the world stopped comparing her they would accept her as she is.

I wonder if Autism made your hair green people would recognise it as a disability.

I wonder why Autism is a hidden disability when people have so many judgements to make on behaviours.

I wonder how Autism awareness is so low when everyone seem to have an opinion on it.

So many questions.

I wonder what my girl would ask?


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