Thanks to ‘The Group’.

Sometimes I see places and think how much fun it looks.
I think how much my girl would enjoy it.
How it combines so many things she loves.
Then I realise that the reality is that we could never attend it.

It is not a big place.
It is a busy place taking up to 65 people per session.
…..far too many for my girl to cope with.
Too many people to have to queue behind.
Too many people watching her.
Too many people judging her.

We are so lucky to be a part of a fantastic special needs youth group.
‘The Group’ treated us to an afternoon out.
An afternoon just for children with special needs, their siblings and carers.
The session was booked solely for us, a group of 20ish people.
20ish people who knew us.
People who understood.

It was so much fun.
I was amazed at how much the children enjoyed it.
Children who struggled to get on the equipment.
Children who were overwhelmed by their senses.
Children with physical disabilities.
Children who wouldn’t normally get this chance.

The children helped each other, reassured each other.
Each in their own little world, doing their own thing, lending a helping hand if they could.

Each child smiling the biggest smiles.
Each carer proud of them all.
The achievements and smiles of our children are what keep us fighting for them.

Without such amazing people, like at The Group, we wouldn’t have these experiences.
We wouldn’t get to see our children just being children.
We wouldn’t get to go to places and let them play forgetting that they have any differences.
We couldn’t go anywhere and not have to worry about behaviours, comments, and meltdowns.
We wouldn’t meet parents/carers going through exactly the same.

It was such a fun afternoon.
Cold water….but fun!

We are so, so grateful to have met such special people and are very proud to be a part of The Group.

Even after a 3am start, we had such a great time!


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