Those words.

“What did you do at school today my boy?”

“We had to do a poster about ourselves, our family and what we like and don’t like.”

“What did you put that you like?”

“Lego and PS3.”

“What did you put that you don’t like?”


…….my heart broke a little bit more. 💔

Just like that, something can strike you down and render you speechless.
Just like that, you feel the guilt burn through your body as the words cut through you like a knife.

Being a neurotypical sibling of an autistic child must be so hard sometimes.

All I can do is explain Autism, protect him, reassure him and love him with all the broken pieces of my heart.
I can remind him of the good times, the times when they place nice together, when they hug each other, when they share a special interest and I watch their bond grow.

All I can do is try my best to explain that Autism and my girl can be seperate things in one body.
Seperate things that change as quick as the wind.

Remind him that my girl does love him with all her heart, but sometimes she just doesn’t know how to communicate, or recognise, that feeling.

Sorry my boy. Xx


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