Offended by Asda.

I may just be being sensitive as I have a child with Autism.
It may have just hit a nerve as it is something we deal…..struggle….with on a daily basis.
But I feel Asda have got this wrong.
Very wrong.

I do like a gimmicky slogan, but this one is too close to home.
I know that everyone has their own meltdowns/tantrums from time to time, neurotypical and Autistics alike, but theres no reason to dwell on the negatives.
I have got tops for my girl with autism awareness on.
Pure and simple information for onlookers when she loses control.
To lessen comments….to raise awareness.

I feel like this is mocking the people that have meltdowns.
The ones who get completely overwhelmed by the world around them, and lose control.
It trivalises something that we find so, so, hard to deal with.
I find it highly offensive.
Maybe I am just over protective.

I can imagine my child in this top, in the midst of a meltdown, being mocked and laughed at when people see the slogan. The irony.

Meltdowns are not temper tantrums.
Meltdowns cannot be controlled, cannot be diverted, cannot be bribed away.
They are scary for the person suffering it.
Suffering…..because that is what it feels lime to them.
To have no control. To be completely overwhelmed.
To be so scared of everything around you.

I wonder if this t shirt would have offended me if I didn’t have a child with Autism.
It is too close to home.
Meltdowns are no laughing matter.

Asda; this time you have got it wrong.
So wrong.


2 thoughts on “Offended by Asda.

  1. I agree. In fact I think it was ASDA who only the other year did an ‘insane’ Halloween costume which was recalled due to it being offensive to those with mental health difficulties. Poor taste ASDA, poor taste.


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