The Grumposaurus Rex.

Today we had a visit from the Grumposaurus Rex,
It stomped around the house all day with Grumposaurus steps,
It growled, it roared, it snapped its teeth, it jabbed us with its claws,
It ran through rooms, it kicked the walls, it rattled all the doors.

Grumposaurus comes around on every Sunday night,
We know it’s due, we tie things down, we get ready for the fight,
The school day looms, Grumpo roars, it wakes up half the street,
It throws the books, hides it’s bag, eats it’s homework sheet.

The Grumposaurus Rex is not a quiet animal,
It shouts so loud, the whole worlds aware, it won’t go back to school,
It has no friends, it is no fun, it especially hates the writing,
It won’t read its book, practise sums, it just wants to keep on fighting.

Grumposaurus Rex is not the same as all it’s other friends,
It tries to be, and copies them, but everything’s pretend.
The works too hard, it needs some help, it has its own T.A.
It just wants the school to close its doors and the teachers to go away.

In school holidays old Grumpo doesn’t visit very often,
When all the worries of school are left behind, forgotten,
It just can’t cope, it’s all too much for our Grumposaurus friend,
All we can do is count down the days until the next weekend.

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