New day, new TA.

You know when you open the oven door and you get that intense heat wafted in your face?
(You know that it is going to happen but you forget everytime!)
I think this is how my girl must have felt when she arrived at school this morning.
When she arrived 1 hour late, to a brand new cover TA.

Her 1-1 TA is off sick.
We were told this yesterday (hence the reason we were even later than the usual late, HUGE anxiety!)
My girl was very anxious. She wanted to stay home.
Too much change for her to cope with.

I talked her around.
Reassured her she would get help and that the head was arranging someone for her.
I managed to calm her by telling her it would be someone from school.
….imagine my horror when a TA had been bought in from outside!
Someone we had never seen, never met!
I completely misunderstood what I had been told.
Even worse??
….she had blond hair!

My girl has a very strange thing about people with blond hair.
She just doesn’t like them.
I have never understood the reason why.
Someone once suggested it could be because she cannot see facial features if they are not framed by dark hair.
With her sensory processing disorder and cortical visual impairment, I could see how this could potentially be the reason.
It is so difficult as it even extends to family members…..

So….as that oven door opened and she was wafted by all that heat, her face changed.
Her posture, her stance, it all changed.
She turned around to look at the wall.
Not happy smiling- Scared smiling. Nervous smiling. Anxious smiling. ‘I don’t know what to do’ smiling.
Her TA led her into class and I Ieft knowing I would worry all day.
I left knowing this evening may be difficult.

She actually coped well with the change.
She has immersed herself in Pokemon since hometime.
Repeating the same things over and over.
Self calming.
No meltdown. No violence.
Just repitition.

I asked her how the new TA was.
Her answer was not nice.
I think maybe she was nicer than my girl let on but she is different.
That is the key. She is different.
Different is change.
My girl does not like change.

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