On our adventures!

Our Autism are on our adventures!
Fulfilling my girls (and boys) dinosaur admiring dreams by fossil hunting.
Engaging their senses with animal safari.
Joining their friends at Monkey World!

Away for a break from school, from routine…from everything.

So far my girl has not coped well.
Mostly with the accomodation
It is “too everything” that home is not.

There has been far too much change.
Too little routine.
Too many different activities.
Despite weeks of preparation and visuals.
Weeks of planning together, choosing activities together.
It has been extremely hard for her.
Hard for her to apply our preparation to what is happening.
Her ideas being better than her reality.
She misses her cat. So much.

She has, however, enjoyed every minute.
Her face lighting up when she found a fossil on the beach!
Proudness beaming as she showed passers by what she had found.

We won’t remember the meltdowns, anxiety and the hard parts.
We will remember the smiles, the interactions, the happiness radiating as we do each new activity.

Our Autism are busy this week.
Making memories.
Making happy memories. ❤

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