A normal day?

Right, I am just going to say it….
Today my girl has been normal, the day has been normal.

What does that mean anyway?
Such a weird word.
Who defines normal?
Who decides normal?

I don’t know any normal people.
They all have their quirks, everyone different, everyone unique.
Or is that normal?
….because I don’t know what normal is.

Normal is conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
What does that even mean?
Does that mean that I am abnormal because today I wore pyjamas all day, when it is expected that we dress in daytime hours?

It is a subject that confuses me.
Why are we all compared to each other?
Why should we all behave to a standard; usual, typical or expected way?
Shouldn’t we be flaunting our differences?
Shouldn’t we be celebrating our uniqueness?

My girl isn’t normal…..or so I am told.
She didn’t meet the expected milestones, she doesn’t conform to age appropriate behavior, she isn’t a typical 9 year old girl dancing along to boy bands.
She has Autism.
That isn’t normal.

Wait…..it is normal.
Normal for her.
She is typical of a child with Autism….
….not abnormal.

Abnormal. That word sounds so harsh.
We are all, everyone of us, abnormal.
Surely unless we are all clones, there can never be a normal?

Such a vast human race cannot be defined by one word.

Is Autism normal?
For my girl it is normal.
For my family it is normal.
My girl doesn’t see normal. Everything is unique; exciting or scary.
Shouldn’t we all be like that?
Shouldn’t we all break away from the norm.

My girl and boy played nicely together all day today.
No meltdowns, no tantrums, no bickering.
Just a relaxed household enjoying each others company.
Is that normal?
Not to me! It isn’t usual, typical, or expected behaviour…….so therefore it was abnormal?!

Who knows!

Normal, is it just a name?


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