Embrace the here and now.

Embrace the here and now.

The world is full of magical things.
New things to see everyday.
If there’s one thing I love about Autism,
It’s that nothing gets in its way.

With its senses needing satisfaction,
The world handing it out on a tray,
Even the crunchy leaves on the floor,
Provide hours of sensory play.

The smell in the air, the light in the sky,
The taste of the rain on its lips,
The sound of the wind blowing the grass,
The feel of the earth on its fingertips.

The world is a sensory playground,
One we take for granted each day,
Roll up your sleeves, take off your shoes,
Get dirty, go out and play.

*The photo is my girl at 4 years old. She never missed an opportunity to get into that puddle!
Everytime it rained I had to stand and wait, afterschool, until she was puddled out and ready to leave!


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