Our purpose?

In the times that it is quiet and you get time to think.
Time to over think….
…to wonder what life is about.
Wonder why we are who we are.

Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is?
We were made to reproduce and increase population.
We were made to work as a team and keep the world turning.
To earn money, spend money, sleep….repeat.

But what is our purpose?
How do we know what we are supposed to do?

I decided I wanted to be a childrens nurse.
I went to college, university and became qualified.
Was I born to do that? Was that my purpose?

I am now a stay at home Mum.
A carer.
This must be my purpose in life….as a woman.
Not sexist at all, just maternal.

I didn’t ever think I would become a stay at home mum…..a carer.
I didn’t ever think my child would have any disabilities.
I was naive, innocent, unaware.

Being a mum has changed my life.
Autism has changed my life, completely.
My purpose in life now is to educate people.
To spread Autism awareness so my girl is accepted.
Somehow it feels like it shouldn’t be a mission.
Awareness is not hard, it is the acceptance that needs encouragement.

Not just of Autism, but of difference.
Surely this is our purpose in life?
To accept, and embrace, difference?

Earn money, spend money, accept difference, sleep……repeat.

Autism awareness and acceptance…….
…..because there is no ‘normal’.

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